Wiki Rules

These are the general rules for DragonNest Wikipedia.
Note that rules can change at any time, and it is user's responsibility to keep up with them.

1. General Rules

  1. Do not post anything illegal.
  2. Do not post profanity, inappropriate material or content.
    • This includes prank-pages.
  3. Do not link to mods/pirated content/inappropriate content.
  4. Do not write anything off topic
  5. No harassment.
  6. No flaming.
  7. No advertising or spamming.
    • This includes advertising a guild or player through pages or anything else.
  8. Do not put any trick links or prank links.
  9. Do not post misleading information purposely.
    • This will result in a removal of the page and an immediate ban
  10. Do not vandalize pages or user pages.
  11. Please be as accurate as possible. If you're unsure of any content, do not post it.
  12. Use the templates we already have pre-made, which are listed in the user-tools.
  13. Use proper grammar.
  14. Only use American English to write out articles.
  15. Do not copy and paste directly from an online translator without clarifying it's contents. There is no point in having a wiki article that no one can comprehend!
  16. Do not use text sizes over 150% on any page, including User Pages.

2. Image and Video rules

For more information on image requirements, please read This Thread.

  1. Do not post images horribly edited or of poor quality.
    • Use .png or .jpg images only.
    • Also, please make sure your images show the game accurately and aesthetically.
    • Go to our storage sites listed on the User Tools page to upload images and videos.
  2. To prevent the wiki being used as way to gain "fame", please press "Ctrl + Print Screen" to hide the UI and the names of people.
  3. If you can, please exclude characters if you are trying show a certain aspect of the game.
    • Obvious exceptions are if you are trying to present a skill, or show an item and such.
  4. If you are showcasing equipment, emphasize the item, not the player.
    • When taking screenshots of equipment, take ALL other items off of your character and wear only the one item you are showing.
  5. Videos should be made specifically for the wiki.
  6. Please do not use videos to show off your clothing or character, it is preferred if you could hide your UI by pressing Ctrl + Printscreen.

Other Rules


  1. This wikipedia is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License
    1. In short, the summary means:
Unless specifically said or negotiated by the copyright holders, you may use this wikipedia's contents knowing that you shall: Credit the content to its original author, use it for non-commercial purposes and that any work derived from this information will be under this same License.

User Pages

  1. Note that some things may be more tolerated for user pages, but please follow the rules regardless.
  2. Only images may be used on User Pages. No music or any other form of media is allowed.
  3. Do NOT upload images meant for user pages on the wiki storage. They will be deleted. If you continue to or have done it multiple times after warnings, you will be banned. Use Photobucket or imageshack.
  4. No advertising of any kind is allowed. This includes advertising for guilds/parties.
  5. Do not create a user page for your guild/group of friends. This wiki is not for that.

Breaking any of these rules may result in a warning, ban or removal from the site unless otherwise stated.
Please look back at the rules from time to time, to see when we update/change them.

Warnings, bans and removals are under all of the Administrator's and selected Moderator's jurisdiction.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License