About Weapons

In the world of Alteia you will face many monsters and will need a weapon to combat them. Pick a page according to your class and find your weapon.

  • You may not enter a dungeon without equipping a weapon
  • You may not un-equip a weapon while in any list.
  • Weapons are determined by your main class, regardless of subclass (ie. Priests and Paladins are from the same main-class, Cleric, so they're able to use any Cleric weapon. But to use some of their skills, they'll need the proper weapon to do so)
  • Secondary weapons aren't needed but recommended to use along with a primary weapon
  • Some weapons can only be found, created or traded through the Auction House
  • Like armor, weapons have durability
  • At +7 strengthening efficiency, weapons tend to have a "glow" effect around them
  • Weapons are graded like so: Normal (White), Magic (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Orange), Ancient (Purple)

Weapons List by Class:

List of All Weapon/Subweapon Types by Level

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