Sword Master Skill Table
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Triple Slash Active Attack the enemy three times. Rising Slash (Lv. 3) 15
Moon Light Splitter Active Slash waves of light at your enemy from afar Impact Wave (Lv. 4) 15
Eclipse Active Swing your sword in an eclipse shape and attack everything around you. - 23
Deep Straight Active Stab through your opponents. Aerial Combo (Lv. 1) 21
Cyclone Slash Active Create a tornado and suck your enemies into your attacks. Moon Light Splitter (Lv. 2) 19
Hacking Stance Active Get ready and hack your enemies into bits. Deep Straight (Lv. 2) 26
Crescent Cleave Active Unleash mighty power forward by slashing vertically into the sky. Cyclone Slash (Lv. 3) 26
Line Drive Active Drive your sword through and out your enemies fiercely. Hacking Stance (Lv. 3) 32
Parrying Stance Active Ready yourself and block all incoming attacks. Counter Wave (Lv. 1) 32
Half Moon Slash Active Slash your sword in a half moon shape towards your enemies. Crescent Cleave (Lv. 3) 32
Hemorrahage Active Attack your opponents twice in the same spot to cause a wound that will weaken their defences. - 29
Parrying Passive Have a chance of blocking your enemy's attacks. - 15
Aerial Combo Passive Perform an aerial combo on your enemies by pressing left click multiple times in the air. Triple Slash (Lv. 1) 17
Dash Slash Passive Perform a downwards slash by pressing left click while dashing. Dash (Lv. 1) 15
Counter Slash Passive Attack your enemies back by pressing left click after blocking an attack successfully. Parrying (Lv. 3) 19
Counter Wave Passive Slash a wave of force at your enemies after successfully bloding an attack with right click. Counter Slash (Lv. 2) 29
Dash Combo Passive Perform a combo while dashing at your enemies by pressing left click after executing Dash Slash. Dash Slash (Lv. 1) -
Counter Exile Passive While being attacked in the air, recover and slash back at your enemies by pressing left click. - 35
Infinity's Edge Passive Perform a barrage of attacks with all you know. Dragonite required to use this skill. Line Drive (Lv. 3) 40
Great Wave Passive Slash upwards and send a flurry of beams of light at your enemies. Dragonite required to use this skill. Half Moon Slash (Lv. 3) 40
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