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Gender: Female
"Known as a child prodigy among magicians hated and despised by humans, the Sorceress was expected to become the greatest of her kind. Instead of bringing peace and prosperity to the land though, she turned her back on her destiny and lost herself in gambling. Now she battles monsters to collect the gold to pay off her gambling debts while being unaware that destiny is not so easily thwarted."1


  • Medium ranged basic attacks
  • Can move while using the basic attack
  • Can inflict a variety of status alignments

Sorceress Weapons:

1. Skills

2. Subclasses

2.1 Elemental Lord

By studying the elements, Elemental Lords can create walls of ice, pits of poison, or even ride the flames as they destroy their enemies. Able to inflict a ton of status alignments, Elemental Lords can be pretty scary to face on your own.

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2.2 Force User

Able to control the force of gravity, Force Users can create black holes from thin air and crush their enemies with a single wave of their hand. Having the ability to slow or even stop time itself, Force Users can change the tide of battle within seconds.

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3. Second Job Advancement



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3.1. Sorceress Job Advancement Video

4. Sorceress Video Gameplay

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