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Skill introduction

1. Description

While playing the game, you will eventually gain Skill Points (SP for short), which you can use to learn new skills for your character.
At the start of the game your character will essentially start out with 2 Active skills and [?] Passive skills, which you are able to use at the start of your tutorial
With skills, you can pull off devastating strikes or passives to use in your cunning combos. Using these skills effectively you can pull off some of the most fearsome combos.
Skills are hard to pick out and should be carefully planned and SP should be used efficiently, figure out what you want by clicking your corresponding class below.

  • You can learn skills from talking to your Skill Mentor.
    • You must pay a fee to learn skills
      • Alternatively, you can learn skills from Skill Books, without a cost
    • Every class has a different Skill Mentor, meaning they each have their own set of skills.
      • You can not learn skills of another class.

2. Skill types

  • There are two types of skills; Active and Passive skills. Active skills usually are marked in a blueish color. Passive skills usually have a yellowish color.
    • Active skills are usually skills that you are able to assign on your hot-key bar and can not be used via certain key strokes, however Acrobats are able to use some of their Active skills with the use of a specific key stroke.
    • Passive skills are skills that you can not place on your hot-key bar and are usually used in different type of situations by pressing their specific key strokes.
    • Final skills are the only exception so far to have a different color; purple.
      • Final skills can be Active or Passive.
      • You can hot-key Final skills.
    • There are also Life skills, which all classes can learn.
    • Heraldry skills cost no MP to use, nor do they cost SP to learn.
      • They are very weak compared to your regular skills, unless you buy or obtain a skill of your character's level.

3. Additional info

  • Skills cost SP, which you gain from level-up. You get 10 SP every time you level-up, so use them wisely.
  • You can't un-learn a skill without a Skill Reset scroll.

4. Class Skills

5. Heraldry Skills

6. Misc. Skills

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