Quest Introduction

As you adventure in the world of Alteia, you will find yourself being asked by townspeople to help them with a variety of things.
These are recorded as "Quests", and can be found anywhere in the world. Nearly all quests are obtained by talking to the NPC's in any town, completing these quests can give you plentiful exp, money or items. Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that you do as many quests as possible, as they can give you invaluable things and plenty of experience points.

  • Quests can be obtained from many NPC's
    • You must "report back" to the required NPC complete a quest
  • There is a limit to how many quests you may have at a time, so try to finish as much as possible before obtaining another
  • Some items can only be obtained by completing quests
  • Some areas can not be accessed unless the corresponding quest is completed for it
  • Alot of quests won't be unlocked until you reach a certain level
  • Some quests will have you fight special bosses or run different dungeons for the mission

Quests are grouped into 4 categories:

Quest Type by Name:

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