Priest Skill Table
Information Preresquisites
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Skills Required Level Required
1.png Lightning Volt Active Summon lightning in front and attack the enemy multiple times with the chance of electrocuting them. Volt Charge (Lv. 5) 15
2.png Relic of Lightning Active Summon a relic that shoots lightning bolts at your enemies. Volt Charge (Lv. 5) 15
3.png Chain Lightning Active Fire a bolt that passes your enemy and the ones near it, causing a chain reaction and damaging them. Mind Breaker (Lv. 1) 19
4.png Grand Cross Active Attack your enemies with a holy cross made from two crescent swings. Holy Bolt (Lv. 5) 23
5.png Relic of Heal Active Summon a totem to heal your allies around it. Heal (Lv. 3), Relic of Lightning (Lv. 3) 24
6.png Protection Shell Active Bless yourself and your allies with more defence. 19
7.png Electric Detonation Active "Bomb surrounding enemies who get electric shocks." Chain Lightning (Lv. 3) 26
8.png Relic of Cure Active Cure yourself and your allies from status ailments and increase light attack. (?) Relic of Heal (Lv. 3) 29
9.png Striking Active Bless your allies with stronger attacks. Protection Shell (Lv. 2) 26
10.png Holy Burst Active Will beams of holy energy to rise and damage enemies. Grand Cross (Lv. 4) 32
11.png Bless of Light Active Increase light resistence and attack. 19
12.png Relic of Hold Active Call forth a totem that will bind your enemies. Relic of Cure (Lv. 1) 32
13.png Wand Mastery Passive Handle a wand with more ease and power 15
14.png Holy Wave Passive When being attacked, press right click to damage and knock your enemies away. 29
15.png First Aid Passive Get a chance to recover a certain percent of health when health is low. 35
16.png Mind Breaker Passive After executing Slide Step, press left click to hurl a ball of energy at your enemies. Lightning Volt (Lv. 1), Holy Bolt (Lv. 2) 15
17.png Relic of Miracles Active (Final) Cast down a totem that will damage all enemies within it's large range. Dragonite required to use this skill. Relic of Hold (Lv. 3) 40
18.png Heaven's Judgement Active (Final) Rise into the air and burst electric energy from your body, attacking enemies within a large range. Dragonite required to use this skill. Electric Detonation (Lv. 5) 40
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