Prarie Village
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Loading Screen of Prairie Village

1. Description

A small town cultivated with nature and people living in harmony, this is the town of the Archers and Warriors. You will arrive here after you save a little girl from monsters that had attacked her older sister and herself. However, some of the monsters ran away with the little girl's sister and you were forced to head to the village. Although there is not much to do in Prairie Village, the people here will have much to teach you before you head off to start your quest.

When you start as either a Warrior or Archer you will enter a brief tutorial sequence and eventually end up here. You will spend most of your time in Prairie Village and the fields near by it until you reach level 9, then you will be able to leave to Cataract Gateway. Prairie Village has a number of shops that are mean't to supply Warriors and Archers levels 1-9.

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Prairie Village Town Map

1.1 Features

Repair, buy new equipment or sell unneeded items.
Stocks Warrior and Sorceress weapons and armor, ranging from level 1-5.

Repair and buy potions, supplies and etc or sell unneeded items.

Auction your unneeded items or buy them from other players.

1.2 Notes

Prairie Village also has their own skill mentors where you can learn new skills from. (Warrior and Archer only)

There is also a ferry station here that you may use once you complete the required mainstory quest.

2. List of NPCs

Image Name Description
Diana The elven archer skill mentor, she teaches archers alike the skills they know
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Harold {$qdescription3}
Doris Merchant of a variety of useful items, most commonly potions and other one-use items.
Black Cattle -
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