Paladin Skill Table
Information Preresquisites
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Skills Required Level Required
1.png Holy Cross Active Bring down a giant cross from the sky onto your enemies from afar. Holy Bolt (Lv. 3) 15
2.png Provoke Active Provoke your enemies and distract them from their current targets. 15
3.png Stance of Faith Active Stand your ground and deflect all enemy attacks. Auto Block (Lv. 1) 17
4.png Armor Break Active Attack and break your opponent's armor, causing their defence to decrease. Shin Breaker (Lv. 2) 23
5.png Lightning Charger Active Release your lightning power through your hand into your enemies, causing them to discharge lightning aswell. Volt Charge (Lv. 1), Sacred Hammering (Lv. 3) 26
6.png Shield Charge Active Run through your oppenents with your sheild. Armor Break (Lv. 3) 29
7.png Elemental Aura Active Increase your elemental resistence 29
8.png Smite Active Jump into the sky and Smite down your enemies with the lightning. Lightning Charger (Lv. 3) 32
9.png Divine Punishment Active Reflect a certain percent of the damage initially taken from your enemy back to them by pressing space bar after this skill is activated. Aerial Block (Lv. 2) 29
10.png Will of Iron Active Increase your defence by a substantial percent. Divine Punishment (Lv. 1) 32
11.png Conviction Aura Active Increase your party's light attack and resistance. 35
12.png Auto Block Passive Have a chance at automatically block an attack. Block (Lv. 3) 15
13.png Shin Breaker Passive Attack your enemy's shins and send them high in the sky. Slide Step (Lv. 2) 17
14.png Divine Ascension Passive Send an uppercut to the enemy when you successfully block their attack by pressing left click. Stance of Faith (Lv. 1) 19
15.png Sacred Hammering Active Summon a hammer made of light energy to attack as you attack. Holy Cross (Lv. 2) 19
16.png Aerial Block Passive Have a chance at blocking attacks in mid-air. Stance of Faith (Lv. 2) 23
17.png Divine Vengeance Passive Deliver an earth-shaking pound to the ground to knock back the enemies around you after a successful block using right click. Divine Ascension (Lv. 2) 26
18.png Thor's Hammer Active (Final) Summon Thor's Hammer and flatten your oppenents across a wide range three times. Dragonite required to use this skill. Smite (Lv. 3) 40
19.png Divine Avatar Active (Final) Use your divine power to strengthen yourself greatly. Dragonite required to use this skill. Will of Iron (Lv. 2) 40
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