Nests Introduction

Nests are usually long and massive dungeons that are home to some of the most dangerous monsters in the land.
These huge dungeons are found throughout the land and are usually recommended that you bring a few faithful companions to venture forth into them.
Although these dungeons are usually long and hard, many people enter them in search treasures that you can never find anywhere else.
So in a way, you can consider the monsters that live in the deepest part of these dungeons as "bosses" of the game.
However, Nests do not cost Fatigue to participate, but instead a pass that is required to have before entering.

  • You may only do a limited amount of Nests a week.
  • It is recommended that you party up with people around your level range to do a Nest.
  • If the entire party does not have the necessary pass, the Nest portal will not open.
  • Some nests have several difficulties to choose from, each significantly harder then the lesser difficulty.
    • Each difficulty has a pass required to enter them.
  • Rare treasures can be found most commonly in these dungeons
  • You do not gain experience points in these dungeons.
  • For some Nests, you are able to bring up to 8 people with you.

Currently, these are the released nests:

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