Miscellaneous items are items that isn't really required or needed to run a regular dungeon such as Potions or any kind and Cash Shop items.
In general there are a lot more items in this category even though they aren't necessarily needed to play the game at all.
Many miscellaneous items are used to either make new items or be used to complete a quest.

  • Potions are the only miscellaneous item to have level requirements
  • Many miscellaneous items aren't needed and are mainly used in form to get more money
  • Quest items appear in a different tab in your inventory and can not be sold, traded or destroyed
    • However, if you so decide to quit the corresponding quest, the item will disappear
    • There are many bags in the quest inventory that you may use for quest items
      • Which means that there will be a very small chance that you will ever run out of room for quest items in the game, ever
  • A few misc. items are used to create valuable equipment

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