Mercenary Skill Table
Information Preresquisites
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Skills Required Level Required
Stomp Active Stomp the ground and cause the earth to shake your enemies. Impact Punch (Lv. 5) 15
Flying Swing Active Attack from the bottom upwards and create and explosion, sending your enemies flying. Heavy Slash (Lv. 5) 15
Taunting Howl Active Taunt your enemies and decrease their attack and critical hit. - 15
Demolition Fist Active Gather power into your hand and hit your enemy with your fist. Stomp (Lv. 2) 19
Punishing Swing Active Hurl a bomb at your enemies from afar. Flying Swing (Lv. 2) 19
Battle Howl Active Increase your allies physical attack, critical hit and stun chance. Taunting Howl (Lv. 1) 17
Circle Swing Active Swing your weapon in a large circle and knock them flying. Demolition Fist (Lv. 3) 26
Circle Bomber Active Slam your weapon into the ground and cause a large explosion to occur from afar. Punishing Swing (Lv. 3) 26
Disenchanting Howl Active Decrease the enemy's physical defence, disable it from using skills and remove all their buffs. Battle Howl (Lv. 2) 23
Iron Skin Active Focus your energy to ignore all pain inflicted. - 29
Whirlwind Active Revolve your body around and create a human whirlwind. Circle Swing (Lv. 3) 32
Rolling Attack Active Jump into the sky and roll as your weapon damages the enemies around you. Circle Bomber (Lv. 3) 32
Panic Howl Active Buff your allies by greatly increasing their physical defence Disenchanting Howl (Lv. 5) 35
Dash Uppercut Passive Dash and press left click to uppercut your enemies. Dash (Lv. 1) 15
Crisis Howl Passive Press right click while being attacked to knock back all the enemies around you. - 23
Soccer Kick Combo Passive Perform a Soccer Kick Combo by pressing right click again after executing Soccer Kick. Soccer Kick (Lv. 1) 17
Toughness Passive Increase your overall defence by a certain percent. - 19
Whirlwind Typhoon Active (Final) Revolve your body around with such force to create a massive typhoon, sucking in all nearby enemies and damaging them continuously Dragonite required to use this skill. Whirlwind (Lv. 3) 40
Gigantic Bomber Active (Final) Jump high to strike down upon your enemies, near and afar with gigantic explosions. Dragonite required to use this skill. Rolling Attack (Lv. 3) 40
Devestating Howl Active (Final) After gathering energy, roar your mightiest in front of you and cause your opponents to faint. Dragonite required to use this skill. Panic Howl (Lv. 2) 40
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