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Throughout Alteia you will find different sort of items that can be extremely useful in your quests.
There are over 5000 items in total that you can find in Dragon Nest and there plenty of ways to obtain those items; quests, Dungeons, nests, trade, and many others. Items can vary from powerful weapons, hardly potent potions to even a plain old fish.

1. Description

  • Some items are stackable
  • Almost all items are tradeable
  • You can auction a lot of items
  • Items can still be graded; Normal (White), Magic (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Orange), Ancient (Purple)
  • There is a seperate inventory bag for quest items
  • You may purchase more inventory bags to hold items in the cash shop

2. Weapons

2.1 Warrior

2.2 Archer

2.3 Sorceress

2.4 Cleric

3. Armor

3.1 Warrior

3.2 Archer Armor

3.3 Sorceress Armor

3.4 Cleric Armor

4. Heraldry

5. Misc.

6. Upgrades

7. Cash Shop Items

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