Heraldry Info

Across the land, you will might come across a few relic-looking things, chances are, these are what you call, Heraldry.
These relic shaped things were left behind by someone or something, but so far, no one really knows.
At first it may seem useless, but having the right ones can make a significant difference in your characters stats and/or damage.

  • Heraldry crests are obtained through dungeons and can not be traded unless restored to it's usable state
    • You may restore heraldry through scholars in town
    • The harder the dungeon difficulty, the greater the chance to find higher graded heraldry
  • Heraldry can greatly make a difference in stats, skills, damage and others
  • There are 8 stat heraldry slots, 4 skill heraldry slot and 1 special heraldry slot
    • You can remove heraldry by right-clicking on them in their slot, but doing so will cause it to be lost forever
  • They are are graded, like every other type of equipment, as so: Magic (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Orange), Ancient (Purple)
    • There is no such thing as Normal grade Heraldry
  • There are class-specific heraldry (which mostly consist of bonuses for certain skills) and general heraldry, which anyone can use

Heraldry types

Heraldry Skill Enhancements


Skill Heraldry

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