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Please don't forget to read the Wiki Rules on Images as well.


  • Turn off the UI by pressing CTRL+PRTSC simultaneously.
  • Make sure screenshot is of high quality.
  • .PNG or high quality .JPEG only.
  • Do not take screenshots in busy areas. Look for a simple backgrounds, please.
  • Exclude NPCs, Players, Mounts, from screenshots if possible.
  • Crop the images properly. There are examples below of ideal and not-so-ideal cropping.
  • Specific image dimensions coming soon.

Examples of Ideal Cropping

Pretend we're taking a screenshot of some Rare equipment to show it displays as a blue and white uniform on your character.

Let's say we want a nice shot of the Armor part of the set.
(do not take the size of the images in mind, only the content. i made them small to save space.)

This is what not to do:


While this may be (slightly) suitable for a Helmet shot, this is unacceptable for a screenshot of armor. You have to have the ENTIRE piece in the shot.


This does have the entire set in it, but it also has that gap of unnecessary space to the right of it. In order for it to be appropriate, crop that extra space out.

Now this is what to do:


Try to have them cropped as close as you can to the character. You may leave a bit of space for appearance. (But only a little!)


Also, try to keep the dimensions around the same size if you take shots of multiple angles.


  • Unequip ALL CASH SHOP ITEMS when you are screenshotting an item for wiki. If you are screeshotting a Cash Shop item, unequip all other Cash Shop items.
  • Use your mousewheel to scroll in a bit if you need to in order to get detail of the item. Don't zoom too much or the user can't tell the how big the item is compared to the character.
  • When taking pictures of Equipment, please incluse these 4 angles:
    • Front
    • Side
    • Back
    • Angle
      • Angle Being a 3/4 Angle of the character.

(Example of 3/4 Angle)


  • Although it's a bit difficult in Dragon Nest, it is preferred to have your character out of the screen when taking screenshots of locations. However, it is not required.

*More info will be added later to this section


Please remember to use the additional storage sites listed in your User Tools, since our storage is sadly limited at the moment.


Post any question/suggestions here in this thread if you have any!
This guide is still incomplete, so there will be more added on at a later time.

Image Guidelines and Rules by utaiutai, 27 Apr 2011 07:34


This guide will cover how to properly choose/fill out a template in our wiki!

There is a template for EVERY type of page in this wiki, however if one is outdated or one we overlooked and do not have, then please tell us!

Template Basics

Below 'Title of the Page', there is an 'Initial Content' drop-down box that lists all of the templates.


Scroll through the list and choose the desired template.

If you are unsure of which template to choose, go to User Tools and you can see the list of templates there.
You can also copy the template code from the template page itself. Go to the bottom of the page where "Edit" is, and click "+ Options" then select "Page Source" and copy that into the desired page for filling out.

Do NOT edit any templates.
Do NOT edit the code of any template.
Do NOT copy a template source code by editing the page and copying the code that way.

Filling Templates in

A template will originally look something like this:

[[include code:skillicon
|(Type means if the skill is Active or Passive)
|(Layout for money: 1g 2s 3c)

What does any of this mean?

It may look confusing at first, but it really is not.

[[include code:skillicon

That is a sort of "link" to the coding of the actual template, if you alter this, the template will break entirely so do not change it at all. Also, at the end of every template there is two brackets ( ]] ) do NOT delete these, as the template will break from that as well.
|(Type means if the skill is Active or Passive)
|(Layout for money: 1g 2s 3c)

Those two parts are just notes/labels put there as a guide. They're hidden.
You do not have to remove these as they will not show up in the final result and will have no effect on the template.

THAT is what you edit, and fill in inside of a template.
Any part that is in this same format: "|term= " you fill in.


[[include code:skillicon
|name=Twin Shot
|(Type means if the skill is Active or Passive)
|spcost= 10
|price= 10g, 22s, 41c
|(Layout for money: 1g 2s 3c)

(That isn't the actual correct Price/Sp cost for Twin Shot)
When you preview it, the template would look something like this:

You can experiment with the template on your User Page.
Don't have a User Page? Go here: Creating Your User Page.

More Template Examples

That was one of the simplest templates we have, let me show you a longer, more detailed one.

That is the Class Page Template and can be seen in action Here

See how they're all pretty much the same thing? Let me copy and paste Archer's source code, which is essentially this same code, but filled out properly.

See? Easy!

Template Bug:

Sometimes if you try to link to other pages with brackets, it will sadly break the template code.
What I mean by brackets:


It is very easy to fix, you just need to have ANY character or symbol after the last bracket. For example:


This would work because it has a period after it. More text or a colon would do as well. If the bracket link is in the middle of a sentence, this bug will not occur.


Well that's all for now, if you need me to elaborate or didn't understand a certain part, please ask in this thread.
And if you have any template suggestions/requests, go here:

Good luck!

Filling in Templates Guide by utaiutai, 01 Mar 2011 03:31

Welcome to Dragon Nest Wiki!

In this guide, you will be learning how to create your own User Page!
While it is optional to create a User Page for yourself, it may be wise to make one as you can use it as your own sandbox to test templates or codes. Or you can just make your page look really awesome!

Before you begin, please read the rules of having a User Page in the Wiki Rules.

Lets Begin!

1. Go to Users.
2. In the address bar, type this after "users":

But in place of "usernamehere" you type your own username.
Here is an example of it with me using my username:

Which would take you here:

3. When you type your username in, hit enter and go to the uncreated page.
4. Create the page, add what you want, and you're done! Easy, no?

User Page Tools:


  • If you want people to be able to leave you comments on your page, add this code to the bottom of your page:
[[module Comments]]

To-Do List:

  • You can make a handy "To-Do List" for your user page as well! Just add this code where you want the list to be on your page, name, and save to edit it!
[[module SimpleToDo id="Name"]]

(more to be added!)


That's it for now, I hope this guide helped!
If you want any guides on how to edit your new user page, here are some:

And as usual, any questions or parts of this guide you don't understand, ask them on this thread!

Have fun!

Creating Your User Page! by utaiutai, 01 Mar 2011 03:29

March 2, the day this wikipedia was released for public use.

A long awaited day has come at last, and it is time for us to put this site for the public!

Utai and I have worked on this wikipedia in secret (Utai did mostly everything) for about 3 months, and it is finally ready to see the light. We really hope this wikipedia turns out to be successful and have taken good measure in making it visually appealing, yet informative.
Although the wikipedia is still a bit rusty, please help out in anyway you can; suggestions, requests, or feedback in general is much appreciated!

Need some help on making new pages though? Check out Utai's guide to making your own page!

Please read the Wiki Rules before making any new page.
Also, while on the forum, please check out the rules for this as well.
(Yeah, we got two sets of rules for two different things, mind blowing, huh)

Do NOT ask us for moderator priviledges or things like that, those are under our jurisdiction.

And finally, enjoy your stay!

Hello! And welcome to our Dnest wiki!
This is a simple guide for people who have never edited in wikidot before.
It also covers a few rules for using our wiki, so even if you DO know how to use wikidot, continue reading please.
All I am covering in this guide is what you need to be able to edit this wiki. No fancy stuff, sorry.

First, if you haven't already, please read the Wiki Rules.

Now let's get started!

1. Creating a page

Here is some ways to create a page:

1. Type in the page name you want in the address bar.

(Spaces automatically turn into dashes upon creation.)

Remember to properly name the title of the page, and that the name of the page is correct in the address bar!
Here is an Image reference:


2. Clicking Existent Links
Clicking a link that goes to an uncreated page will also give the option of creating a page.

2. Using Templates

Below 'Title of the Page', there is a 'initial content' drop-down box that shows templates for every kind of page. Select the fitting one, and start filling it in accordingly.
Image Explanation

For further information on using Templates please go to this thread:
Filling in Templates Guide

What not to do:

  • Do NOT create new templates or modify templates. Leave them as is. If there is something in your template that has no info put N/A, 0, or none.

3. Editing a Page

Here is some rules and tips on editing pages:

  1. When you edit a page, leave a note in the "Short description of changes" box saying what you did. It helps other users.
  2. Try to use as few edits as possible, and do not use the "save and continue" button.
  3. Please use the preview button!
  4. Do not break the page lock of any other user unless it has gone below 0 seconds on the timer.
  5. Use the preview EVERY single time BEFORE you save your page!
  6. If someone has made a change to a page that is wrong, and it needs to go back to the way it was, use the revert tool.

3.2 Linking to other wiki pages

Put the name of the page between 3 brackets for a simple link within this site.



Displays as:


[[[Start|Wiki Home]]]

Wiki Home

3.2 Tags

  1. Always remember to tag content appropriately! Don't tag the Auction House page with "Nest". Use the right ones, it makes things easier for everyone!
    • Pages can be tagged with more than one word, so don't be afraid to tag with multiple terms.

3.3 Child Pages

Here is the definition of a parent page for those who don't know:

"Parent page refers to the page directly above another page in the page tree. For example: —> Parent Page (About Us) —>Child Page 1 (Location) —>Child Page 2 (Contact Info)"

An example of this on DNWiki would be the Weapons page.
Weapons is a parent page, while weapons themselves, like Axe, Flail, or Sword are the child pages.
From Weapons, you can get to any other weapon, and from a weapon page like Sword, you can get to the Weapons page.

Say I were to make Mace a child page of Weapons. After I make it the child, this would now be at the top of the Mace page:
"Weapons » Mace"
It serves as a way to keep track of where you are on then wiki, while making wiki a lot easier to navigate. It's very convenient for users.

3.4 Assigning a Child Page

Look at the bottom-right of the page where the "Edit" button is. At the end of those buttons will be "+ Options". Click on "+ Options" to expand it and then choose "Parent". Type in the name of the parent's wiki name and hit enter. That's it!

Tips/Rules for Creating a page/Adding a Parent:

  1. Always make sure the page title is correct!
  2. Triple check the address of the page to make sure it has no typos!
  3. Don't use symbols like ' and + in the address bar. If there is an apostrophe in the word, leave it out.
    • Example: Bishop's would be Bishops in the address bar, but don't forget to add the apostrophe in the title!
  4. Don't assign a child page to the wrong parent. Assigning "Rings" to "Farming" is incorrect!!!

4. Uploading images

Sadly, this wiki has limited storage, so please upload images through our alternate storage site.
Just click the "Join" button and start uploading!

Please read the guidelines for submitting screenshots in the Wiki Rules.

5. Unreleased Content/Under Construction/Spoiler Warning

  • If an article has ANY information in it that is not released in the North American servers of Dragon Nest, include this code at the VERY TOP of the page:
[[include unreleased-content]
  • If an article is under construction, or lacking alot of information, add this code to the VERY TOP of the page:
[[include under-construction]]
  • If an article has spoilers in it, add this code to the VERY TOP of the page:
[[include spoilers]]

5. Done!

Wikidot Quick Reference is VERY helpful for begginers as well, and can be conveniently found below the edit box on any page. (After you click edit)

Now that you know the basics, go and edit those pages!

Or get started on your very first page, and Create Your User Page which you can customize for yourself!

Also, go to the Help Requests Forum if you need any help.

Good luck!

What the title says~

Will add more to this later.

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