1. About Dungeons

Dungeons are instances you may enter with a party or solo by going through a red portal in the field maps.
These dungeons consist of many monsters and 5 Difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss.

  • Note that only Nests have Hell difficulty
  • Types and amount of monsters vary by difficulty

Dungeons are mostly abandoned or raided areas infested with monsters and can be difficult without a party.
All dungeons (except Nests) require fatigue to enter and without the right amount of fatigue, you can not enter unless you're in a party.
Some dungeons can only be accessed with a quest.

1.2 Fatigue

Fatigue is important with dungeons, as without it, you can not enter dungeons at all.
When you enter dungeons it consumes a certain amount of fatigue and with rising difficulty the fatigue cost rises as well.
If you try to solo a dungeon, you need to have a certain amount (varies by dungeon and difficulty) to enter. This can be ignored if you are in a party.
Fatigue consumption is decreased with the number of party members you go into a dungeon with.
There are three types of Fatigue; Daily (blueish tint), Weekly (purpleish tint) and Event (cyan-like tint) Fatigues
If you have no fatigue at all, you can not do anything until it restores.

1.3 Difficulties

There are 5 types of difficulties (6 including Hell mode) and you can choose between them at the dungeon screens.
These Difficulties are; Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss

  • At Easy monsters are undeniably weak and can easy be killed with a few blows. The boss's defence is lowered greatly
  • Normal difficulty houses no enhanced monsters, and is a moderate difficulty level that's not too hard or too easy
  • Hard difficulty's monsters are slightly stronger then normal and a few monsters are enhanced with certain abilities. The spawned monsters slightly increases and the boss has 2x more hp than normal difficulty's
  • Master difficulty has alot of monsters with special abilities and the monsters in general are alot more powerful than normal difficulty and monsters spawn in very large groups. Boss has 3x more hp than normal difficulty's and the defence and attack of the boss seems to have increased as well
  • Abyss has many alterations and can even include some monsters that do not tend to spawn in the particular dungeon. Monsters in general have alot of defence and health compared to any other difficulty, some monsters still have special abilities and the ones that do appear more frequently. Monsters can spawn in very large groups and maps can become altered (ie. Darkness, Fog, etc). The boss has 4x more hp than normal and has a significant boost in damage and defence. This difficulty is highly recommended to do with a party of 3-4 for efficiency.

2. Dungeon List by Area

2.1 Prairie Village

2.2 Mana Ridge

2.3 Cataract Gateway

2.4 Saint Haven

3.4.1 Saint Haven Southside

3.4.2 Saint Haven Northside

3. Dungeons List by Level

3.1 Level 1-15

3.2 Level 16-24

3.3 Level 25-32

3.4 Level 33-40

4. Other Dungeons

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