Damage Introduction

There are two types of Damage, as there is with two types of Defence.
One of which is Physical Damage, most common for the Warriors, Mercenary, Sword Master, Clerics, Paladin, Archer, bow-master and Acrobat.
The other is Magical Damage which can be the most common for Sorceress, Elemental Lord, Force User, Cleric, Priest.

Although it shows your basic damage on your character screen, skill damage is calculated by in order from left to right.

Skill Damage

\begin{align} (Maximum\,+\,Minimum Damage)\,Divided\,by\,2 =\,???,\,Multiplied\,by\,(Skill\,Damage\,percent\,in\,decimal\,form) + (added\,damage) = Damage\,output \end{align}

Like so:


This person's Minimum Damage is 671, his Maximum Damage is 1122.
So (671 + 1122) divided by 2 equals 897, rounded to the nearest whole number.


The skill says it will use 150% of your physical damage and add 172 on top of that.
150% is 1.5 in decimal form, so 897 multiplied by 1.5 equals 1346 rounded to the nearest number, added by 172 equals in total 1518.

So when this person uses this skill he will deal 1518 damage to his target (without any Defence)

Please note that Defence would lower the damage of this attack according to how much Defence the target had.


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