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Gender: Male
"The Cleric spent much of his childhood forgotten and alone. Placed in a brutal boarding school at the behest of his cold and distant father, the Cleric might have become bitter and angry. Instead when he came of age, he entered a monastery of his own free will and learned the disciplines of a highly principled holy man trained to use both mind and body in the service of good."1


  • Ability to defend
  • Able to heal
  • Strong defense and moderate strength make up for lack of power

Cleric Weapons:

1. Skills

2. Subclasses

2.1 Paladin

Paladins are naturally the class with the most buffs and health in the game, being able to provoke monsters, he is ideal for attracting and distracting large amounts of mobs, while his party members pick off the strongest of enemies. Since they tend to have such high amounts of health, many buffs (of their buffs are mainly for themselves) and defence skills, they tend to be the last character standing in many difficult dungeons. They have moderate attack and because they tend to have such high amounts of health they don't have as much mana as other classes, so they often run out of it or end up conserving it until needed.

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2.2 Priest

Priests have the potential to be the main healers of the class and become the main support of any party, being able to increase the attack and/or defence of the party and summon totems to heal allies or kill enemies. Although not as physically strong as a Paladin they make up for it with powerful magic attacks that are usually meant to deal with more then one enemy. Unlike Paladins they tend to have more mana aswell, making them able to use their skills longer. With their healing and wide area attacks, having the right priest could easily increase the survival of your party.

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3. Second Job Advancement

At level 15, go to your corrosponding Skill Mentor in Cataract Gateway and start your class change quest.
You will be teleported to a map where you must protect a dog while tearing down walls to reach the end of the dungeon.

At the end you will be faced with an old enemy, defeat him and continue your quest.

If you fail the test, talk to your Skill Mentor again to repeat the dungeon.
You will then be asked to do a dungeon, complete it quickly and make your decision.


  • The easiest way to complete this dungeon is to use Volt Charge on the walls, causing them to collapse faster since they rely on the number of hits to break them, not damage.
  • Wait until Volt Charge's cool down is as low as possible before being forced to move on.
  • Beware - once you select your class you CANNOT change it, so choose wisely.*

3.1. Cleric Job Advancement Video

4. Cleric Video Gameplay

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