Currently, there are 28 classes in total. 4 starter classes and 8 secondary classes and 16 unreleased tertiary classes.
When you start a new character you will be able to pick your first class, and will be able to proceed to your first class change at level 15. You're able to decide between two classes per starter class. Changing your class will undoubtedly make your character much more powerful, so not picking one wouldn't be wise because chances are you will not be able to proceed into any higher level dungeon without one.

To advance into any higher class, you must complete a test, given by your Skill Mentor.

  • Each class tends to have a specific weapon that they have to use to activate the majority of their skills.
  • When you change class, you will be able to retain all the skills you have learned from your starter class.
  • Classes are gender-locked. Warriors and Clerics are males, Archers and Sorceresses are female.
  • You may not learn skills of another class.
  • Each class usually has their own specialty, so it'd be wise to learn them.
  • Regardless of what secondary class you pick, your Skill Mentors will be the same.

Class list:

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