Bowmaster Skill Table
Information Preresquisites
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Skills Required Level Required
Charge Shot Active Charge up a very powerful shot and release to send enemies flying. Piercing Shot [lvl 4] 15
Extension Arrow Active Shoot a magical arrow that splits into more arrows on contact. Magic Arrow [lvl 2] 15
Bull's Eye Active Reduce enemies defense for a set amount of time. 18
Aerial Chain Shot Active While airborne, click left mouse button to rain arrows down on your opponents. Charge Shot [lvl 3] 21
Rapid Shot Active Protect yourself by shooting arrows around you 360°s. Extension Arrow [lvl 3] 21
Spirit Excellation Active Increase Agility for set amount of time. 23
Ankle Shot Active Shoots 3 arrows at opponent binding them to a stop. Penetrating Shot [lvl 3] 24
Siege Stance Active Withstand attacks while continuously firing deadly shots at the enemy. Stance can only be used for a certain amount of time. Cannot move while in stance, jump to cancel the stance at anytime. Aerial Chain Shot [lvl 3] 27
Swift Shot Active Pierce enemies with quick shots of several arrows. Rapid Shot [lvl 3] 27
Sylph's Aid Active Increases Range for a set amount of time. Spirit Excellation [lvl 3] 29
Stunning Shot Active Aim at enemies and fire to knock them out.
Another way to cast this skill is to click right mouse button directly after clicking left mouse button.
Revolving Kick [lvl 5] 27
Arrow Shower Active Rain powerful arrows down on unsuspecting enemies. Siege Stance [lvl 3] 32
Guided Shot Active An arrow that follows the closest opponent. Cannot be used if no enemies present. Swift Shot [lvl 3] 32
Fake Shot Passive Quickly project an arrow at a target by pressing SHIFT+W,A,S,D + Left Mouse button. Tumble [lvl 3] 18
Triangle Shot Passive Press SHIFT+W,A,S,D + Right Mouse button to spin into the sky and emit an airborne strike. Fake Shot [lvl 3] 21
Longbow Mastery Passive Increases Range and Damage of Longbows. 25
Crossbow Master Passive Increases Range and Damage of Crossbows. 35
Pinpoint Shot Active Fire a concentration of quick, powerful arrows. Dragonite required to use this skill. Arrow Shower [lvl 3] 40
Revolutionary Ballista Active Blast a deadly magic arrow that splits into more arrows as it destroys your enemies. Dragonite required to use this skill. Guided Shot [lvl 3] 40
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