1. Accessories Introduction

Accessories are optional to equip and aren't needed, however they can provide some of the best stat bonuses throughout the game. Like any other item, they can be made, traded or found throughout the game.
Unlike normal equipment, they can not be bought from an npc.
Non cash shop accessories can not be seen on your character, so if you want to see earrings on your character (or any other accessory), you must buy one from the cash shop.
Accessories tend to be the more rarer equipment, and finding the perfect one can be hard.

  • Accessories do not vary by class of character, and so they can be used by anyone
  • Unlike equipment such as weapons and armor, accessories can not be upgraded
  • Accessories, however, does not have a durability, so repairs aren't needed on them
  • There are 4 accessory slots
  • You can not wear more then one type of accessory, an exception are rings which you can equip two of
  • Some accessories have Set Bonuses
  • Accessories are graded like so: Normal (White), Magic (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Orange), Ancient (Purple)

There are three types of accessories which are:

2. Accessories by Type and Level

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